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  • 五一假期生活的英语作文2020-09-132130


    The May Day golden week I play very happy.

    The first day, we play the family to go to the ocher mountain. To ocher mountain before, my mother bought me a hammock, let me to the mountain swings in the woods. We came to ocher mountain, all the rest place occupied by others, we very not easy to find a big rock and sits down. I think: ok, now can play a good play. Mother found two trees near the tree to tie a hammock, I lay in a hammock, like a big spider is very comfortable to sit in the middle of the network. At noon, the weather some hot, I bought ice cream and shoveled eat it.

    On the way home, mom and dad let me as a guide, I have a good memory, so easily take mom and dad out of the "maze".

    Ah! Ocher mountain is a good place for leisure.





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